Machine wash cold (30º)

Soft cycle

Do not mix light with dark colors

Using mild soap

Do not soak

Do not fold the wet garment

Do not use whitener

Do not twist

Do not iron

Choose the right detergent

To protect your sportswear, start by buying the right products. The characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of your wardrobe also need special care. Common detergents, rather than cleaning them thoroughly, can damage the fibers or reduce their effectiveness.

It is important to buy a detergent for sportswear. In the market there are different options such as Kiriko, Norit or Nuncas. You can try them and decide on the one that works best for you.

What you should look for in the detergent is to keep the clothes clean and give them the freshness they had before using them. It must remove stains, bad odors and eliminate bacteria without doing damage to the tissues.